name of the band


Neville does vocals and plays lead/rhythm guitar with his favourite guitars, the mighty Jackson and Fender Strat.
We have our own sound which has always been quite unique to us and it is a good solid driving rock sound. I believe it has a lot to do with the way Neville plays guitar and the fact I have always used the sound of Foreigner to base my keyboard sound on, plus our choice of songs.
Neville has the type of voice that no matter what he sings, he sounds like, from Bryan Adams to Kings of Leon to Def Leppard to of course Metallica, as well as all the other songs he does.


I am Brenda and I play my Hammond and Roland keyboard and also do vocals, this way our customers don't get bored listening to just one person all night. I love Nightwish, Fleetwood Mac, Pink, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Heart, Divinyls plus loads of others.
All our songs are covers but there is a really good variety and with approx 400 songs we feel we can please the majority of people. Just click on the Demo link to listen to some of our songs.